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    • kannschonsein schrieb:

      Orbx Eu Germany South und North wurden geupdatet
      :flieger: was genau gemacht wurde, kann ich nicht sagen
      Aber nicht so schwer herauszufinden bzw zu posten:

      New patches available for both Germany regions - 1.20 for Germany North & 1.10 for Germany South.
      General changes for Germany North:
      * GES compatibility
      * Improved compatibility to R¸gen and Barth ORBX airports
      * new landclass type for villages to better represent small settlements and improve the blending of village polygons with the surrounding raster landclass. Similar to FTX Germany South, four sub-types with different facades and roof textures represent regional differences in building styles, such as half-timbered, brick, slate, or plaster facades.
      * updates to several existing landclass types to enhance mix & density of local vegetation and types & facades of buildings
      * three additional agricultural landclass types for lowland areas to improve realism and diversity
      * an additional golf course type with high density of trees
      * significant reduction in the number of small landclass polygons to improve landscape visuals
      * Added GA and passenger AI traffic between airports (deactivated by default, can be activated through control panel)
      Specific changes for Germany North:
      * Removed wind turbines that were actually placed in GES coverage area around Goerlitz and Dresden
      * fixed all reported cases of corrupted (i.e., overly long) polyline buildings (relevant only to P3D)
      * added forested areas at Wittmund and Jever airbases
      * added missing Muehlen/Oldenburg
      * added missing Altena
      * added mine tailings near Eisleben
      * added access road and landclass polys at Hermannsdenkmal
      * placed additional flattens for Berlin landmark buildings
      * removed disassembled wind park "Alte Schanze" near Kassel-Calden (EDVK)
      * local landclass improvements in Kiel, Rostock, Bremen, Hannover, and other cities
      * EDHI: Tunnel entrances and shoreline altered to gravel LC type
      * EDDH: Tunnel entrances added and updated LC type for car park
      * EDHL: One apron changed to gravel
      * EDHM: Removed aircraft from tennis court
      * ETNS: Second (closed) runway added
      * EDHN: Missing fuel browser added and apron moved clear of railway line
      * EDCR: Improved sloped flatten
      * EDXP: Runway designators changed to 08/26
      * EDXJ: Missing military hangars added
      * EDWP: Wrong LC texture changed
      * EDXM: Runway designators†changed to†25/07
      * CS06: Static aircraft†removed and X markers added to†runway†and added some†missing solar panels at eastern end.†Adjusted landclass.
      * EDWM: Flatten adjusted
      * EP47: Flatten adjusted
      * EP22: Replaced blastpad by offset yellow chevrons and added solar panels
      * EDWU: Replaced asphalt runway†with grass runway
      * ETNP: Closed markers added, static aircraft†removed
      * ES26: Missing airport buildings added
      * EDWD: Closed runway markers added, static planes removed
      * ETNJ: Adjusted forest LC around hangars
      * CS15: Removed concrete vectors from PR (makes 2D museum aircraft become visible again)
      * EDDI: Remove everything except runways - remove/orphanize ILS frequencies - add X markers to runway
      * EDDT: Taxiways† matched to PR
      * EDBP: Added missing hangars
      * EDUW: Updated flatten and LC adjusted to solar panels
      * EDBW: Added solar panels
      * EO05: Fixed flatten plateau with static aircraft
      * EDHE: Airfield†flattened and AI parking added
      General changes for Germany South:
      * additional landclass type for villages in the northwestern section of GES that features the typical grey slate facades and roofs of the central Rhein valley and Mosel river area.
      * updates to several existing landclass types to enhance mix & density of local vegetation and types & facades of buildings
      * adjustments to the Munich photoreal areas to improve color matching with the GES custom waterclass (color) types
      * adjustments to some of the photoreal areas to better match seasonal changes and reduce baked-in shadows
      Specific changes for Germany South:
      * new landmark building: Landgrafenschloss (castle) in Marburg/Lahn
      * fixed all reported cases of corrupted (i.e., overly long) polyline buildings (relevant only to P3D)
      * added missing Mittenwald
      * improved urban landclass in Suhl and other towns and cities in Thueringen
      * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Hessen, including Dillenburg, Stadtallendorf, Ziegenhain, Fritzlar, Melsungen, Bebra, Bad Hersfeld, Bad Wildungen
      * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Nordrhein-Westfalen, including Siegen and Kreuztal
      * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Baden-Württemberg, including Villingen-Schwenningen and Schwenningen
      * improved urban landclass of Zittau und Bad Schneeberg/Aue, Sachsen
      * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Bavaria, including Landau an der Isar, Pfaffenhofen, Schrobenhausen
      * added Verenafohren Windpark
      * added missing Alatsee
      * EDGA: Fixed elevation of buildings
      * EO56: Fixed flatten elevation of Bosch Entwicklingszentrum (caused a mesh peak)
      * CS36: Fixed tunnel entrances
      * LKCB: Runway designators removed
      * EDQM: New taxiways added
      * EP48: Added
      * EDKU: Mesh problems fixed
      * EDTD: Trees between tower and runway removed
      * EDTQ: Fixed zero elevation flatten vertex
      * EU31: Fixed flatten problem
      * LSZH: Jetway not connected to terminal fixed
      * LFXG: Sitting girl put on chair
      * Z11L: Airport closed, warehouse added on runway
      * EDQE: Fixed taxiways covered by grass
      * EDDK: Fixed sunken taxiway A1 to Rwy 14L
      * ETHM/EDRE: Changed ICAO code to EDREG"…many-north-south-patches/
    • Hallo
      Ich bin von V3 auf P3dv4 umgestiegen. Mit UK200 habe ich probleme. Ich habe meine Airports neu heruntergeladen. Birmingham. Glasgow, Gatewick, Jersey, Stansted, Manchester. Beim install muss man den pfad des installers angeben. Dort wo er sein soll, ist aber leer. Ich schaffe es nicht, die UK2000 Airport zu installieren.
      Gruss Fabian
    • einfach den installer ausf[hren und dann z.B. UK2000GatwickXtreme_Package_4.0.exe auswaehlen fertig. Am besten den installer dort reinkopieren, wo deine Flugplaetze sind.

      LG Ronny
      krähe, Mitglied im FlightXPress Forum seit Sep 2007.

      :flieger: " Eine Flugdynamik die sich real "anfühlt", muss noch lange nicht realistisch sein " :clapping: "