Boeing 737 Ultimate Thread!

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    • Boeing 737 Ultimate Thread!


      Da die 737 Ultimate in den Startlöcher steht ,zeit für ein eigenen Thread :thumbsup:

      ETA: Soon
      "Will this work with the Zibo mod?" - Yes, it is planned to
      "Will this work with soundpacks such as the AudioBirdXP sound pack?" - Yes, it is planned to work with existing Default 737 mods
      "Is it payware?" - This will be 100% free
      "What about liveries?" - Custom texture maps have been designed and is to allow liveries to be transferred and created easily
      "Can I join beta or download this early?" - No, as the aircraft is expected to be released in the near future. Have patience as you'll be able to experience it very soon. We will not be having a "public-beta" or anything along the lines of that. Everyone will be able to enjoy it once it's released.
      "Will I be able to change the aircraft configuration?" - Yes, it is planned to have interchangeable configurations and settings via the Electronic Flight Bag
      "Will the -800 have split scimitars?" - Of course, why not?
      Note: The aircraft in the images is the B737-900ER. At the time of the images, the extra aft exit had not been added. It has been edited as of now. The winglets have also been edited from the original pictures seen below.

      737 Ultimate: Painters & Press Release is out!…=comments#comment-1375728
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