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      P3D v4.3 only -
      - [Fixed] Cabin altitude alert after pausing the sim or activating slew mode
      - [Fixed] Remove the parking brake requirement for external power to be AVAIL
      - [Fixed] APU fuel boost pump color for OFF state changed from yellow to white
      - [Fixed] Amber FUEL PUMP EICAS messages fixed
      - [Fixed] High bank angles at high altitude (outside SID/STAR/Appr)
      - [Fixed] Arrival Runways not showing up after de-selecting a runway
      - [Fixed] Brake Temperature boxes showing all the time
      - [Fixed] Fuel System rework
      - [Fixed] PERF INIT page 3/3 cut off text
      - [Added] Some code to keep pressurization in control while changing altitude by slew mode
      - [Fixed] Engines don't start anymore without fuel boost pumps on and/or other engine running *)
      - [Fixed] Pressurization system switching from climb to landing mode immediately after takeoff (under certain conditions)
      - [Fixed] DAVE: Mouse clickspots not working on SERVICES page after OPTIONS page subpage has been changed
      - [Fixed] Recalculation of CoG/Trim after sending payloads from CRJ Manager used old payload values
      - [Added] Yoke autopilot disconnect button mapped to "Autothrottle (Arm)" event. That's Shift+R here. Normally there's no button mapped to this event.
      - [Fixed] Engine start with only ground power but not ground air no longer possible
      - [Fixed] Radius to fix tracking under certain conditions
      - [Fixed] CTD in cross track error calculation when no next waypoint is available
      - [Fixed] Flightplan drawing stopped one waypoint before missed approach procedure under certain conditions
      - [Fixed] Couatl crash!
      - [Fixed] MFD TCAS Info vertical location
      - [Changed] Improved detection for missed approach waypoints
      - [Fixed] Pressurization: re-worked calculation of current target cabin altitude
      - [Fixed] Pressurization: some changes in mode switching (climb to descent)
      - [Fixed] Brake temperature cooling efficiency while flying with gear down now depends on airspeed
      - [Fixed] Changed ":" in MFD VNAV window to white
      - [Fixed] Moved wind indicator position on MFD
      - [Fixed] MFD Range-to-Alt ring now shows during descents
      - [Changed] Reduced the maximum possible frequency of ActiveSky WXR update calls to 1 per second
      - [Fixed] Aircraft crashes on payload/fuel change in CRJ Manager
      - [Fixed] LOC and GS capture and tracking (work in progress, but comments would be very welzcome)
      - [Fixed] PFD speed trend vector made less jittery
      - [Fixed] Brake temperatures increase a little faster
      - [Fixed] Pressing APPR sometimes only switched LOC or GS and not both
      - [Fixed] Cabin altitude going back to airport altitude after landing
      - [Fixed] 3-state switches now all work like this: Left mouse button = down/backwards and right mouse button = up/forward
      - [Updated] New model exports for P3D v4.3
      - [Fixed] Framerate issue
      - [Fixed] Removed course and distance above FROM waypoint on LEGS page
      - [Fixed] MFD TCAS altitude rounding issue
      - [Fixed] IRS instant alignment after loading/selecting a panel state
      - [Fixed] Main and Scav Ejector EICAS messages when engines are shut down
      - [Fixed] Temporary power loss when switching from APU to external power
      - [Updated] LOC/GS capture and holding
      - [Fixed] Flightplan loading and saving of SID->Enroute, Enroute->STAR and STAR->ApprTrans transitions
      - [Fixed] Crash when loading Navigraph database on 32 bit platforms
      - [Changed] Flightplan clearing after landing: ground speed changed to less than 15kts
      - [Fixed] Flightplan clearing after landing now also clears flight number
      - [Changed] Forward and aft cargo weights now separately settable in DAVE
      - [Changed] Pressurization controller rework (less fluctuation)
      - [Fixed] Waypoint sequencing inhibitted on ground
      - [Fixed] Waypoint sequencing condition added that requires the aircraft to fly roughly towards a waypoint before any sequencing can happen
      - [Fixed] Unwanted level off when changing the autopilot altitude selector through 28000ft
      - [Added] Flightplan is now cleared after landing (ground speed less than 80kts)
      - [Added] NAV-to-NAV transfer function
      - [Fixed] Early glideslope capture indication in PFD FMA
      - [Fixed] Direct-to not following course
      - [Fixed] Direct-to leg labels on MFD
      - [Fixed] Couatl.exe crash on loading the CRJ (experimental)
      - [Fixed] SEC FPLN page (and sub-pages)
      - [Fixed] ToD calculation after Direct-to
      - [Fixed] UP/DOWN arrow keys now only change PLN mode centered waypoint while on ACT LEGS page
      - [Fixed] Selecting ACT LEGS page while in PLN mode now resets the centered waypoint to the current one
      - [Fixed] Changed colors for HGS throttle hint
      - [Fixed] Re-arranged airspeed and altitude to zero degrees pitch
      - [Fixed] EGPWS terrain warnings now inactive until 60 seconds after takeoff
      - [Fixed] Landing elevation is no longer set by the FMS (wrong assumption of automatic functionality on my side)
      - [Fixed] FMS Status load and save functions
      - [Fixed] Top of descent location on MFD flightpath display corrected
      - [Fixed] Flight path angle calculation (fixes VNAV "snowflake" indicator on PFD too)
      - [Added] Support for Mark Foti's Remote CDU
      - [Added] Passenger count information support for FSDT's GSX
      - [Added] MCDU DATABASE pages
      - [Fixed] Several issues with pilot defined waypoints
      - [Fixed] Number of FIX pages increased to 10
      - [Fixed] VNAV altitude contraints between -1300 - -1 and 500 - 65000 are now accepted without a leading slash
      - [Fixed] VNAV snowflake and VS indicators
      - [Fixed] Audio panel selector/volume switches were inverted
      - [Fixed] "Save Flight Data" button not working in CRJ Manager x64
      - [Changed] Wheel blocks and ground power and air cart functionality now independent of model state (workaround for those users where they wouldn't show up)
      - [Fixed] Reverser armed EICAS messages not disappearing
      - [Fixed] Duplicate TOD markers on flightplan display
      - [Fixed] Pressing Engine START button while engine is running makes engine shutdown impossible
      - [Fixed] Missing waypoints on KDEN SID FOOOT3 from rwy 17R
      - [Fixed] Holding draw routine for holdings that are loaded with procedures
      - [Fixed] LEGS page distance to waypoints following a holding
      - [Fixed] FMS bearing pointers now point to the next waypoint instead of just pointing to the current course
      - [Fixed] Flaps movement trim correction does not activate after takeoff anymore

      baker, Mitglied im FlightXPress Forum seit Oct 2007.
    • Gerade mal einen Bodentest gemacht, läuft.

      Nettes Feature:
      Hans Hartmann schrieb:
      If you get into the terminal area of the arrival airport, the FMS will tune the ILS frequency on NAV1 and NAV2. Once you are on final approach, you just need to activate APPR, and the nav source will switch automatically.

      Bisher musste man das manuell umschalten, dass dürfte Neulingen es deutlich leichter machen.

      Gruß, Wolfgang
    • LNAV VNAV ? funktioniert?

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